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Contact us to book your next surf lesson in Mimizan ! 

How to book a surf lesson in Mimizan ?

To book a surf lesson in Mimizan, you can :

  • call us : +337 49 95 17 18
  • send us a message ;
  • come to the shop (Sama-Sama surf school, 2 rue du Vieux marché, Mimizan) ;
At what age can I surf ?

You can learn how to surf with our surf school in Mimizan from 6 to 99 years old !

How are the waves in Les Landes, in France ?

“Les landes” in Aquitaine region of southwestern France is home to some of the best beach-breaks in Europe ! The Atlantic coast receives frequent swell. We have plenty of variety of wave (barrels in winter and mellow waves during June/July/August/September). Summer is a best time to start learning surf in France : waves are often easy even if they remain consistent and the ocean is warm (around 21 degrees).

Openning Hours

Every days, all summer.

Send a message to Sama-Sama Surf school Mimizan :

You can also call us (+337 49 96 17 18) to book a surf lesson

2 Rue du Vieux Marché
40200 Mimizan-Plage

Opening Hours

Every days
All summer !

Sama-Sama surf school
2 Rue du Vieux Marché
40200 Mimizan-Plage